by May 27, 2003Poetry

Once he was wise,
The wisest of them all,
And in his might did rise,
And painful was his fall,
He held the war upon his hands,
As to destroy man’s earth,
He wished himself to rule the lands,
Be held above all worth,
Yet his plans were fated ill,
So Saruman the Wise
Should not have hungered for his will
Did his mind despise,
And of the Istri order then
Was trusted by man and beast,
And he fooled them all, untill again
Power did currupt him, yet al least
The good did him cast down,
And now the miar sprit dies
And wears he no self inflicted crown,
And Saruman, all his hate and lies
Was good untill the end,
And ever evil he became,
Once he was a friend,
And everything is thus the same,
Upon this world of now,
And every star shall shine at night,
To remind us all of how
Dark paths seem the easy way,
But seldom lead to right.


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