Samwise….THE STRONG!!

by Jan 30, 2004Poetry

Love for his Master,
a love that would not fail.
Towards a path of disaster,
His hope thus had sailed.

To the darkest parts,
to realms unknown.
He guided from the start,
Samwise Gamgee, leaving his home.

A Promise was made,
to a wizard that day.
He would not leave his side,
or let harm come his way.

And to that he held true,
to the slopes of Mt. Doom.
After losing all that he knew,
his courage thus grew.

Thank you Samwise for your bravest attempts,
for your help to Frodo,
for plain Hobbit sense.

You guided him safely to the crack of Mt. Doom,
under dark skies filled with sorrow and gloom.
You helped him to realize his life was not through,
Frodo couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for you.


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