Samwise, the Protector of the Ringbearer – Sam’s Poem

by Jul 28, 2002Poetry

Im sure all of us want someone as loyal and loving as Samwise.
Bold and daring is he
Loyalty beyond belief
Love for his Master will truly prevail
Never to be parted even in the end.

In Moria fearing his Masters safety
In Golden Wood with the Elves
The River Anduin they leave the Fellowship
And head for Mount Doom.

Without feeling in Shelobs lair,they were betrayed
His Master lay dead while Samwise weeps
Departure,Samwise to return, But Master’s ALIVE!
Samwise the Great Elf Warrior saves his Master and escapes.

Mount Doom, Piggy-back ride
Master weak, Gollum comes
They fight and in the end only one will fall
Gollum, Ring and all.

Happiness restored in the west,a new king
King Elessar, Fair and Proud
The four Hobbits return, fell things at home
Saruman, wicked, now dead,peace in the Shire.

Samwise Gamgee, Son of Hamfast
Married to Rose Cotton
Gleeful days for Samwise and Rose
Elanor first of the many Samwise children.

Sweet Gardener torn in two
Love for more than one
Master must leave, but Samwise can’t follow
Parted with tears Frodo and Samwise did.

Samwise whole and happy,
For he knew his Master had to leave
And so would he one day
And may Middle-earth live on.


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