Samwise the Loyal – A Poem about the Parting

by Sep 30, 2002Poetry

I promised Frodo I would stay
By his side day by day
I would help him bear the load
Stay with him till the end of the road

But now in the darkness eternal deep
Our light has gone out from the Lady’s keep
But now from Shelob’s sting Frodo’s died
Shelob’s gone and Frodo’s life to save I tried

I love my master I can’t believe he’s dead
I wait here sitting by him waiting instead
What am I to do? I hear orcs coming
Frodo would want me to take this Ring

Now on my finger I bear this Ring
Hark! I hear orcs voices of news they bring
What’s this? Wounded only Frodo is not dead
They have taken him to the tower they will send

Stinker is gone now and orcs too
I will follow them and walk through
That dark tower before Frodo they kill
And save the Ringbearer’s life I will


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