Samwise, be Brave! – Rosie watches Sam as Sam watches Rosie

by Sep 2, 2004Poetry

He looked at me; I swear he did!
But when I turned, his face he hid.
I wonder when he means to speak?
His eyes rose there, again a peek!

I think he’s shy; yes, that’s the thing.
But if he’d only join and sing!
What fun we’d have! I know it’s true!
If he’d only smile! Oh, Sam, please do!

He comes here two, three times a week.
I hope my heart he means to seek!
Frodo helps and brings him near me —
Oh, Sam, why can’t you see clearly?

I, too, am shy. I can’t help it, dear.
I, too, am filled with doubt and fear!
What if I’m wrong; what if you don’t care?
It’s a thought that I can hardly bear!

And so I wait, till you’re quite sure.
I wait and wait with heart so pure!
I hope it’s soon; that you’ll be brave
And that my heart and soul you’ll save!

I love you true though you know not.
I really think about you a lot.
I’ll wait to see you on one knee
And ask me to be Rosie Gamgee.

There, there! He looked at me!


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