Sam’s Star – A poem of hope

by Oct 19, 2002Poetry

I wander on with my friend,
On this path, it does not bend.
I look up at one shining star.
It gives me hope when hope
Is far. It twinkles on, so far
Away. And yet so close on
This sorry day. The burden
Is heavy, but he trudges on.
I try to give him hope, but I

But when I look upon this
Star, that hope I want is
Not so far. It twinkles
Bright. It twinkles strong.
So far away, and yet so near.
My star of hope so far out
Here. Alone it may seem we
Are, but if we’re together
Hope isn’t far. I know that he
Will fulfill his quest. I’ll be
By his side until the end of

And when this is over, the
Star will shine bright as a
Symbol through the night.
And as a message to all
Who see and hear, the
Quest is over, hope is here.


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