Sam and Rosie – a poem

by May 2, 2002Poetry

He is looking at Rosie.There wasn’t a pic of her.

Sam oh my Sam
Why must you leave thee?
These adventures you have
Make no sense to me

I don’t understand
Why you must go
Far away from here
With Mr. Frodo

Rosie dear Rosie
Do not despair
I’ll be back in no time
And with the same color hair!

And when I return
I know you’ll be waiting
With that thought in mind
No Sam they’ll be taking!

Sam my sweet Sam
Oh do hurry back!

Rosie sweet Rosie
I have nothing to lack

I’ll miss you dear Rosie
Watch after my Gaffer!
Keep the flowers alive
They’re not hard to master!

Well you must now depart
There’s a long road ahead
Goodbye Sam my dear,
Oh the tears I shall shed!


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