Sam and Frodo

by Mar 20, 2005Poetry

I’ve lived a simple life ’till now,
How I’ve got here, I don’t know how.
We started in the Shire, a while ago.
Me, Pippin, and of course Mr. Frodo.
Then with Mr. Merry and on we went.
About a year traveling in all we spent.
Then we came to the fairness of Rivendell,
(That’s the place where some elves dwell!!)
And that’s where the Fellowship was made.
On Mr. Frodo the burden of the Ring was laid.
Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir, and Gandalf,
Frodo myself, Pippin, Merry and Legolas the elf.
The Fellowship broke, Gandalf died.
(But, of course, we didn’t know he was alive.)
Me and Mr. Frodo went on our way.
To Mordor, where the shadows lay.
In the end, Gollum destroied the Ring.
In the lava he fell with the thing.
Now Mr. Frodo is going away.
Will I see him again? I cannot say.
Goodbye Mr. Frodo, foverever maybe.
Goodbye to you now, as you cross the sea.


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