Sad Sweet Song – A Journey to the West

by May 14, 2005Poetry

The world has changed
I can’t describe
all the things I’m feeling i n s i d e
I’ll go into the West
and pass a w a y
because I’m so tired from t o d a y…
I am a rose with just one thorn
standing silent ere the m o r n
White Shores will call
we’ll meet again
and I will be freed from all this p a i n…
for I have wounds that will not mend
some scars will never f a d e
the Light will dim
the Path will bend
I will pass beyond this g l a d e…

White Shores u n v e i l e d
My Ship has sailed
into the Living w e s t
the Dawn is bright
we’ve won the fight
I have passed my final t e s t ….

but we made one choice
and it was w r o n g
and so I sing my

s a d
s w e e t
s o n g


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