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From the Golden Wood your people hail
Fair Lothlórien is your home
Amongst her wonderous Mallorn trees
It was your fate to roam.

But now you march with silent steps
To Helm’s Deep, its wall, its gate
Banners flutter, bows held tight
What now shall be your fate ?

Fair Galadhrim, fair elves of trees
You wait upon the wall
As darkness creeps across the land
Shall you see your brothers fall ?

Beneath this starless, rain filled sky
Your bows begin to sing
As black and red now freely flow
What toll the dawn shall bring ?

A flash of gold, a swirl of red
A cry doth fill the air
Your Captain falls and sees no more
A painful loss you bear.

You fight to stem the evil tide
Your steel delivers death
Alongside men your fallen lie
This cruelest fate they met.

No more the song of trees they hear
No more shall they see home
With Mandos now, resigned to wait
Beneath a stary dome.

The dawn now breakens in the east
Mithrandir rides to your aid
And few shall live to tell the tale
Of the sacrifice you have made.


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