Runaway from Westernesse – A poem…

by Jan 21, 2003Poetry


Firelights reflect
From darkcovert seas
Since moonlight defects
And dark shadow feeds
Clouds cover the Sun and
The Moon during nite
All life has been stunned by
The horrible sight
It’s already a week now
Under shadowy skies
No sunrays are somehow
Passing nearby

It’s caused by vileness
Directed from force
Of Lord of the Darkness
And sorceries coarse
Forces gather at beach
A war has begun
West soon under siege
Evil’s been done
Warships are made
At darkened shipyards
Soon all light will fade
And a long sail starts

The westerlings go
Controlled by dark lord
Forgetting oaths wovn
And things lived for
But the west does await
They’re aware of the threat
And fulfilling is fate
As good as it gets
Since nothing is sure
In minds that are spoilt
By evilness pure
And sorceries joint

Yet not all are corrupted
By will of the black
Some minds not disrupted
By the dark one’s attack
They known are as rebels
Yet untouched remain
As unnoticed pebbles
In mountain ravine
And when the legions head
In ships to west state
The rebellion treads
Treshold to escape

As the forces of Aman
Are being provoked
Spells have been woven
Great might is invoked
The anger is swift
Of the gods been attacked
Tidal waves lift and
Great mountains unstack
Westernesse fades
From entire world
Under blue waves
Into depths that unlearned

But the rebellion master
Has evaded his doom
And of winds much faster
Ships with him and heirloom
Rush toward shores
Where Middle-earth lies
There await great wars
And the high king dies
Another story this is
Not to be spoken right now
Sadness already since
Westernesse is down


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