Ruin of Valinor – a poem to jogg the minds of the people about littering

by Jun 19, 2003Poetry

Tuile a Laire
u-miri oiale

Yavie a Hrive
lamma Nienna nala

u-Valier tela
u-moe nia atani

Pennich Valimarant
miri oiale Tuile a Laire

Aiyo loth en Yavanna
wannath a nir dagath

Litterally this says;

Spring and Summer
not forever

Autumn and Winter
comands Nienna crying

No goddess end
nothing of the men

Told me once Vallanor was
forever Spring and Summer

Behold now the flower of Yavanna
death and grief will kill

The meaning that I want to convey is in the following:

Spring and Summer
are nolonger forever

Autumn and Winter
force Nienna’s whimper

Yet not even she can heal
the dammage man kind deals

Once it was fair Vallinor
ever Spring and Summer

Now the fullness of her flower
death and sickness will soon devower.

The ruin happening to our planet is due to humans. We have ruined most of all our plannet, and the money spent on finding a way to utilize Mars for a hospitable planet could be better spent on this planet’s restoration.

They say that we’re losing our o-zone. I can’t see why we can’t take all the Mars projects funding and turn it tocreating more oxigyn production to be sent back into our atmosphear ant help block the sun’s UV rays.

This is a world wide problem, and the situation would be better taken care of if the nations would just drop a few programs of little importance in comparasion and use that funding to help build and release more oxygen into our atmosphere.


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