Roses Have Thorns

by Sep 7, 2011Poetry

The lovely things that I have made.
Watch them sparkle in the light.
There magic glow will never fade
Like stars that glisten in the night.

With these rings, am the lord.
and power is mine in every way.
And all of them are mine to hoard.
Mine to keep or throw away.

But yet you have none of your own
For you to have and hold and wear.
A crime it would be not to loan
Just one to pearch o your finger fair.

My darlings they are mine to give
So I am giving them to you.
So have them long as you may live
I hope that that is long, I do.

No, it’s a perfect fit I’m sure.
See? It slides on like a glove.
T’was just for you I made them for
And every one is made with love.

Wear them carefully little dears.
All of they may not be lost
hold them close and have no fears.
That cold? No, just the evening frost.

The heat, too, is the hot sunshine.
The rapid pulse is all just stress.
Or is it beacause your heart is mine?
I couldn’t have expected less.

You fools! Your life you’ve tossed away.
I now own your immortal soul.
you shan’t see another free day.
Your foolishness has taken toll.

Your mind is empty. Wonder why?
No thoughts of yours are ever free.
Could no one recognize a lie?
Whetever you had shall serve but me.

Now you are dead and no one mourns.
A wraith’s old life to it he’s deft.
A bed of roses a bed of thorns.
All’s the same when nothing’s left.

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