Riders of Rohan – Theoden speaks to his men.

by Aug 31, 2004Poetry

Riders of Rohan, to what doom will we ride?

What lies in the darkness?
What of the women and children behind?
What of those ahead?
Trapped in a murky blackness, how does a man decide?

Riders of Rohan, to Gondor we ride!

Though terrors lie in the darkness ahead,
We will aid Gondor.
Though this may be the end of men,
We will ride, against foes terrible.

Riders of Rohan, to my doom have I rode.

My life is no more.
I hewed the serpent down,
And the captain of our foes has been slain,
By one of my house.

Riders of Rohan, mourn not much for my death!

I lived long in darkness,
But I have died in glory.
Weep but little, for I was old and worn.
Like a garment I was old, but my time came,
And I rode in glory again.

Riders of Rohan, ride now to your glory!

Let the age of men be long,
And let the world sing long of you,
The Riders of Rohan!


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