Return of the King poem

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Well, this is from a book report I did for ROTK in 5th grade, I just found it saved in my files… so here you go.

SERIOUSLY, do not read the FOURTH STANZA until you have read the book. It concerns the incredible climax of the entire trilogy.

The shadow of the Dark Lord fell upon the land
He sought the Ring of Power, forged long past by his hand.
And as swords clashed and armies smote beneath the City White,
The two unlikely heroes bold set out to bring the light.

To Mordor long they ventured and they faced the growing dark
They faced the Great Eye’s splendour and the orcs they did not hark.
They faced the armies of the Eye and trekked a haunted moor
And to the Crack of Doom they fly to smite the Ring’s dark lure.

The palantiri*’s watcher the Dark Lord did deceive
Visions of defeat he showed, and all hope he did thieve
But when the black fleet came it was ablaze in holy light
And the legions were smitten by true king’s raging might.

And on the Crack of Doom the Ring’s dark power did consume
The Bearer of the Ring, the one who wore the Ring of Doom.
But Gollum took the Ring from him, and in his frenzied ire
Broke his oath of bondage, and was cast into the fire.

Then Barad-dur, the Tower Dark, fell from its lofty throne
The Eye vanished forever, and peace was ever sown
Within the land of Middle-earth, now free forevermore
The land of myth and fantasy, where the Great Ring was bore.


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