Rescued from English Class – My imagination goes CRAZY!

by Mar 23, 2005Poetry

I am bored
Time travels slowly
My teacher blabs on
I wish I weren’t here
Hold on a sec
I hear a noise
It sounds like an army’s thunderous charge
My eyes stray to the window
I see Rohan and Gondor’s armies
They’re coming toward the school
Aragorn and Legolas riding at the front
Aragorn in all his kingly glory
Legolas a handsome knight
They charge the portable with speed
The boards splinter and fall away
The windows shatter and fall like glistening rain
Legolas grasped my hand
And pulled me onto Arod’s back
The sleek beast of majesty raced away
With Legolas’s touch of the reins
I look back and see my teacher cornered
By Faramir and his men
Her already frizzy hair standing straight on end
“Turn back, Legolas,” I say
“A life is at stake
And so is my grade.”
“Nay, my lady,” he replies
“For she is of Sauron’s blood
I was told to rescue those in her clutches
And your hand I grabbed first.”
My gosh
I was in heaven
Together we raced back in time
Back to simpler times
Back to the War of the Ring
There I stayed until Legolas brought me back home
My gosh
He is so adorable!
Everyday I wished he would rescue me again
But a girl can only dream


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