Remember Me – Another Middle-earth folk song

by Jul 27, 2004Poetry

A/N: Another attempt at creating a folk music identity for Middle-earth. Partially inspired by the music of Loreena McKennit. This would probably be sung by both the Eldar and the Edain; who’s to say where it originated?

Remember me in the winter night
When all’s gone dark and still
In the absence of the lingering light
That fades beyond the hills
Remember me in the rolling waves
Beating upon the silvered sand
When out of the sky a lone star’s strayed
To wander ‘cross your path

Remember me ‘neath the winding stairs
Crumbling stone and tears
O! the days we once tarried there
So long across the years
Remember me in the moonlight
Where once you kissed me true
When the stars bloomed all alight
And all life was there in you

Remember me in the summer wind
Winding o’er the misty moors
And laughing silent through the glens
Whispering at every door
Remember me in the silver stream
May it take my image fair
Floating-a breathless memory
To where you’re waiting there

Remember me though your path may wind
Long away from me
And I must linger, sad, behind
Holding still my tears
Remember me if I’ve faded away
Ere your long return
Though I wait for the rising of the day
It takes most long to burn

A long road and a dark road
And no end within thy sight
Remember me in its corners
Ere falleth endless night


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