Regret – Tears

by Jan 27, 2003Poetry

The moon now waxes in the night,
The stars quiver now with failing light
The lonley boughs do stand in sway,
The ships are sailing far away.

And on the shore I see thee stand,
As if a strander in this land
That once was young, and freash, and fair
Where song was herd upon the air.

Why do thee watch thy people fade away,
Pass from this night to their new day,
And see the home they never knew,
Shall they miss this land as much as you?

The time of the elves is drawing nigh,
As the white ships do sail under even sky,
As tears of dew wash all sadness afar
Thy hope is caught in that once blinding star.

So, sweet place, bid her farewell
At the places she danced, deep fen, hidden dell
At the places she sang, lone voice in this sky,
The elves now are passed, their ships saileth by.

So maid with deep eyes, pale skin, lips red rose,
Sail thy beauty to lands which propose
Perseverance of memory, no pain, no regret,
Sail away in peace, this land na’er forget.

And under moon and over star the white ships shall go,
To carry thy precious people, for it shall now be so,
And mortal lands need stand again, as they once did, lost in time,
Eyes never again to see the stars, echoed deep in thine.


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