by Dec 9, 2003Poetry

I remember immortality,
It ’twas ne’er missed ’till ’twas lost,
And years and time grow before me,
In the winter of mortal frost.

I took a world for granted,
I sang, and in peace danced,
Untill I saw his face so fair,
And stood, enthralled; entranced.

And I vow’d to love him forever,
Still, my choice did ne’er dawn,
Untill a war was ended
And torment to me was drawn.

But His hand hath led me hither,
A token, and a pride,
But love remains not forever;
But untill the widow hath cried.

And I so miss my people,
My home, my life, my years,
A reflection of tomorrow
Shows me naught, but bitter tears.


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