Quiet Thoughts. – Luthien’s Thoughts.

by Apr 8, 2004Poetry

The moon shines brightly through the window of my tree-top prison.The proison I was placed in by my own father!!!Just because I love Beren!!!!
What is wrong with Beren?He is proud,and strong and kind and,and–mortal.O curse that word!!!It is the one reason Fater hates him so.
I am going to have to give up my immortality to keep loving him.That toubles Ada.It doesn’t trouble me.Not at all.Well…. it DOES trouble me,in the deepest depths of my heart.Beren will not last forever.What will happen when he dies?Men live such a little time and-NO!I would rather spend one lifetime with him,than face all the ages of this world alone.
I swear it!
May the grace of the valar protect you,Beren.O Beren!Im mellon le!Im mellon le!
Come back to me!


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