Quelle Wilwarin – A Poem.

by Jun 25, 2002Poetry

Amin ten lle suul
Ta korna ar’ me’a
Amin querna pelu
Ar’ lleier yassen amin
Vee’ ilyamenie iire amin anta lle…

Amin elea tintila e’ lle keld
Roniere quanta en’ mela ar’ valina
Nan’ ellerie o ksha tinta e’ sen
Ta nwalka ar’ kshkorana
Amin naa saveia en’ ta

Nan’ mankoi naa amin sovana?
Amin sinta lle
Lle tambaroil car kai thar
lle tambaroil…


“Wild Butterfly”

I hear your breath
It’s calm and light
I turn around
And you’re with me
As always when I need you…

I see sparkles in your eyes
They’re full of love and happiness
But there’s an evil sparkle in them
It’s cruel and treacherous
I am frightened of it

But why am I scared?
I know you
You wouldn’t do anything against
You wouldn’t…


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