Prayer to the Stars – Elrond’s Plea to his Father

by Feb 28, 2003Poetry

Glimmering, twinkling, glistening,
the stars are calling in the night.
I stand here quietly listening,
watching those far away lights.

Why can I never find you
oh Father in the sky?
Why can’t I be beside you
why can’t both of us fly?

What evil fate was upon you
the day you left this shore?
Was it the call of the oceans blue?
Or the threat of Melkor’s black war?

Was it courage that you felt that day?
Or was it really fear?
I’ll never know, your far away,
and I am still back here.

The world is changed, the beauty is gone,
the wind is blowing hard.
Now I’m left to soldier on
and search for you in the stars.

But while others find such radiant hope
in your shining light in the sky
I see only thick black smoke
and a tear falls from my eye.

Do you ever think of your son down here
alone in this cruel place?
Do your eyes ever well up in tears
when you remember my downcast face?

Do you know I have a wife that I love
and a beautiful baby girl?
Flying in your ship in the skies above
do you ever look upon this sad world?

Have you ever thought of my twin sons
or tried to imagine their smiles?
Did you even know that I had little ones?
Well, it’s been a while.

Do you even remember me now?
Can you still picture my eyes?
Do you ever hope that someday, somehow
I’ll join you in the skies?

Will I ever see you again,
oh Father in the stars?
Come back to me, come home my friend,
for I don’t know where you are.


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