by Oct 13, 2004Poetry


Long past prevention,
Coiled from comprehension,
A serpent has housed
In my heart.
With venom like flame,
It spits in the sane,
And poisons my
Rational parts.
The dreams that are born
Of the venomous storm
Have scarred hard,
As if they were real.
With teeth grinding tight,
The pain, I can’t fight.
Screamless agony is all
I can feel.
It’s not real.
I can’t heal
The imaginary burns,
That twist and that turn
With all of the vigor
Of real.
The poison has stained
Deep into my brain,
It’s colour is of
Morgul made steel.
I stare with dispise,
Deep into the eyes
That stare deadened and dully
At me.
Though time slithers on,
The sting has not gone.
From it’s fire I shall never
be freed.


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