Poem about Eowyn

by Dec 29, 2004Poetry

Oh the silence of Alone!
I am caught in an awful cage.
There is no hope, no way out,
No way to turn the page.

I long for strong arms to hold me,
Alas that they do not exist.
Oh, how I hunger for love!
How my lips yearn to be kissed.

Who knows what I have whispered into the darkness,
As I sit in this cage, alone.
How I wish I could escape,
And adventue into the unkown.

A peaceful death is not my wish,
No, death in battle holds more glory,
To die for a cause that is just,
Tho’ it may be more gory.

Alone, I walk this sollemn earth,
My dreams slowly fading away,
Whence there was a hopeful girl,
A sad young woman stands today.


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