Please don’t cry, mother – Reflecting about Faramir and Boromir’s difficult childhood in Minas Tirith

by Jun 22, 2005Poetry

Mother, tell me about the days of far away
Sing to me, mother
Sing me the songs of the Great Sea
Tell me the tales of this land
Please mother

Why is father so loud?
And Boromir, my brother, he always stays with him
Come mother, let me stay here with you
I don’t want to hear them talk
Tell me a story

Father, where are you going?
Why do you have to go away always?
Why can’t I also come?
I’m a big boy now
Teach me to fight like you teach Boromir!
Teach me to do the things you do!

Why will they not talk to me?
Why is it only Boromir who can go with him?
Mother, please tell me
I wish I was older
I wish he would talk to me too

Boromir, will you play with me?
Will you teach me what it is he teaches you?
I can be a warrior too
Like you
Take me with you, Boromir!

What is wrong, father?
Why is mother never happy?
I don’t understand
Is she sick?
If I take care of her will she be happy again?
Can’t you come and sit here with us?
I’m scared, father
She never talks the way she used to any more
And when it’s dark out she cries
Do you have to go away?
Can’t you stay with us?

Why do you cry, mother?
Don’t cry
I am here
Father will not say anything
Are you sick?

Please mother, tell me
What is happening?
I know something is wrong
They are all so quiet
All whispering
And you are so quiet
What is going to happen?

I have asked everybody
Boromir, tell me!
What did father say to you?
Will you come and sit with us, Boromir?
That will make her happy

Can’t we sit together and laugh again
Like we used to
Only the three of us?
Look, the sun is shining!
Will you come outside and play with us mother?
But no, Boromir isn’t allowed to play any more

Mother, look, I found some flowers!
I picked them for you, aren’t they pretty?
Will you not smile now?
Can I sit here with you?
I don’t want to go outside
They don’t see me when I’m there

But you always see me
I will sing to you if you’re sick
And be here until you fall asleep
If you will hold my hand and sing with me
Let us sing songs of the Sea
And tomorrow we can go out and play
Just you and me
And laugh together like we used to
Will you promise me that mother?
And I will pick more flowers
When the sun comes out tomorrow


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