Pippin – A poem on this great hobbit!

by Mar 7, 2003Poetry

Short curly hair,
A knack for mischief,
Someone like him is rare.

He is a hafling from the Shire,
or a Hobbit,
not easily does he tire.

He loves to eat,
His tummy never full,
but after lots of food he’ll take a seat.

After Frodo finds he has the one Ring,
which Frodo must destroy,
To Frodo Pip must cling.

Along with him comes a life long friend,
Merry Brandybuck,
The two will be friends to the very end.

After staying with Frodo for a time,
Merry and Pip are captured
though they didn’t commit a crime.

Then they escape and go into the wood,
and meet a treeherder, named Treebeard,
then they tells him of how they left their neighbourhood.

Together the trio attack Isenguard
They are after Saruman for killing trees,
They won against him though it was hard.

Then he is met by Gandalf the White,
And him and his buddy are separated,
Merry to Rohan to fight.

But Pippin to Gondor,
and they fight an awful war,
then back Frodo does soar.

After the destruction of the Ring,
They go back to the Shire,
And merrily sing!

Short curly hair,
A knack for mischief,
someone like him is rare.



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