pespective – but we know…

by Jan 16, 2004Poetry

They don’t know were I was,
that I, Frodo Baggins saved
them from evil and from Sauron’s reign.

They don’t know why Sam had
the courage to ask for Rosie’s hand,
how he is so strong and wise

They don’t know that Mery & Pipin
fought in battle or why they’re taller than
every other Hobbit in the Shire

But we know.
We are respected out of the shire even if we’re not here.
We hold grand places in the halls of men.

Yet even if we told them, they would just
laugh and say “you’re starting to sound
like your uncle Mr. Baggins.”

Life will never be the same here in the Shire
I’ve seen too much and been too many places.
Hobbits don’t need to see the world
they need the Shire.

but I must leave the Shire and go to the
Grey Havens and become elf-friend.


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