Perhaps – Evil’s defeat

by Dec 13, 2004Poetry


Perhaps I was wrong;
Perhaps I should’ve
told you

Perhaps I should have
endured your presence
until you left
my life.

Perhaps I should not have
let you know
thet I hate your very presence

I despise
your speech

I find your
walk crude;

thunder to
my angry ears.

I hate
your barren smile
that plants no joy for others.

I loathe your dull eyes
that hum a song of death
even as a smile
plays across your lips.

but perhaps the sky is green
and the sea:yellow
no,perhaps the truth hurts
and it had to come out.

Pray tell,
did I hurt you?
Did I out the flames in your fuming eyes?

did I destroy that
blank smile?

And poison
that fertile mouth?

perhaps I caused you pain
beyond words
to hear the truth
spoken from another.

your reflection
has whispered
to you,
hasn’t it?
Telling you silently
of your true,
vile form?

beyond the veil of strength
and independance,
you are weak;
terribly weak;
clay in the hands of truth.

Or perhaps I am the weak one.
could it be?
For I find myself
wiping away
your tears of poison
apon my
startled face.


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