~*~Peace~*~ – …or, Frodo’s Prayer–a poem for Thanksgiving…..

by Dec 5, 2005Poetry

At last I have arrived…..
My hurts are healed, my skin anointed
my bones rested, my guilt assuaged
and gratitude settles like a blanket
woven of shifting shades of aurora,
summer gardens, ripened fruits,
flaming leaves, richest stones
and in its warm weave I see
the smiles and shapes of those
who walked my path despite
all thorns and swords and storms,
bearing me when I could go
no more; and I lift my eyes
to the day-gem of
smiling divinity, and to
the pensive tent of dusk,
and to the many-windowed
palace of unmarred night,
and peace is born anew.
And as it slumbers in my arms
I can say only,
Thank You for it;
no fairer sight has ever
sanctified my aching core.
May those more worthy soon
feel its breath on their cheeks,
and witness its slow growth
and startling laughter
and quickly forget
the pangs of its birth;
and may those who flounder
in bogs of error be lifted
to a cleansing spring and a fresh path
so that the grace that was granted
to me might pass unto them
as a candle that lights another
with the bounding sparks
of joy and blessing.


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