Passing of Ages

by Jan 24, 2004Poetry

Passing of Ages

As the wind whistles through the mounds
As the fields of grain wave to and fro
So doth the days of long past blow

Days of the fair and grandeur fade
As well as days of noble and grave
The days now rest for both humble and brave

Victory comes with a price to be paid
The debt is not only of life
The debt goes past the struggle and strife

Lost are times of pristine joy
Memories fade of those bygone
Lost is that verse of once lovely song

Beauty wanes but love waxes on
Nobility of spirit remains in a hint
Strength and honor is not quite spent

The spark of old burns yet on
Rekindled in pages and song
A blaze to burn to right the wrong

As one age passes into another
There remains the remnant of those gone past
The pure traits from these will forever last


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