by Mar 10, 2005Poetry

The starless night is haunting
And the presence there is daunting,
And the wriaths are taunting,
Taunting ‘come with me’.
And the river still is weeping
While the clouds around you creeping,
And no moonlight yet is seeping
From the heavens far above.
Still the night is hollow
And what to do but follow?
And then in sadness wallow
When you never shall be free.
And moves the night before you
For the darkness shall implore you
And they are coming for you,
Midst the mountains and the sea,
And peace shall never speak of
The peaceful dreams you drempt of
In thoes years that you think of
As the world begins to know.
And the starless night is haunting
And the presence is still daunting,
And the wriaths they still are taunting,
Taunting ‘come with me’.


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