Pain-Arwen’s feelings – My First Story

by Oct 31, 2002Poetry

If i have used anyone else’s ideas it isn’t intentional. this is my first story so please be nice!

I sit here alone,
no chance to change my mind,
no chance to go back on the bitter – sweet choice I made.
Give up the life I was meant to live,
or face centuries of loneliness.

nothing for me,
but the silence and the cold of death.
Only a dark room,
and a shattered mind.

I look into the broken mirror of memory,
I can see something’s in it,
but never the whole truth.

I can’t admit to myself
that I was weak.
Let myself be captured by my heart.

And what do I have now?
A dark room,
a broken mirror,
a shattered mind,
the silence of the elves.

What do you call it when you have nothing left?
You can’t a way out
through the pain and anger.
Just sorrow and anguish filling an empty shell.

Insanity seems the only thing left…
A dark figure in the doorway,
did I mention it is also sweet?


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