The Dead Marshes.

The dead marhes through the eyes of a child who witnessed it. Though it may be your initial reponse, please keep in mind that it is not based off any real characture from Lord of the Rings. I made this one all up. Please comment.

i-Valrog o Moria

This is a poem I wrote about the Balrog in Moria. If you see any mistakes, please tell me. And I also have the Engwar (Elven Script) of this poem too. Sindarin with English translation. Enjoy? 😀

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Ned Lothlórien Arad [A day in Lothlorien]

This is for the Sindarin lovers and readers out there. I won’t give you the English translation, because that would make things way TOO easy. 🙂
If you spot any spelling or grammatical errors, I would love for you to point them out. Thanks.

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Frisian translation The Hobbit

A few verses from the Dwarf Song (a poem in The Hobbit), taken from a Frisian translation of The Hobbit I published this autumn. If you’d like more info, please see the topic on the Forum (or visit [url]https://www.taalburopopkema.nl[/url]!

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In The Wild

It could be sang by the four hobbits after they left the safe walls of the Shire,and they first experienced the strangeness and hidden dangers of the outside world.

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Rina’s Heart 9- Terrible With Words and Worse With Emotions

“Wait…”Elrohir interrupted, “You don’t know why you asked her, yet you did? What went across your mind when you decided, ‘hmm, I think I’ll see if Rina wants to have a moonlit stroll in the same place my mother and father walked together.’ Honestly, what went through your mind?” Elrohir looked confused. “I don’t know! And I most certainly didn’t think of her as ‘Rina’ it was definitely ‘Lady Elerrina’ the entire time!(…)

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Prophecy of the Nine

A sneak preview of a story I’m currently writing about, you guessed it, the Nazgul. To not upset people, I’ve tried to blend past fanfiction about the Nine (namely Middle-earth roleplaying and Games Workshop) with original writing of my own, and hopefully will present them in a different context than they have been done so before. Stay tuned for more to come!

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