by Mar 28, 2005Poetry

I am without words….
There they stand, thousand
upon thousand. A chant arises
from the bowels of the void
its rhythm chilling
the dance of my blood.
From whence do they come?
How deeply did you ravage
the innocent earth to spawn
this heinous brood?
How came I to scale this stair?
How can a tower
point into the abyss?
I would flee, but the floor
beneath me slides away
the doors slam around me
of their own accord.
There is no going back.
I am a prisoner
in obsidian madness….
how did I come to this?

Once, many selves ago,
I walked a wholesome valley
but of its fragrance and milky steeds
I grew weary, forsaking it all
in hopes of height and pungent fare.
Power was mine, for a sweet season.
I brought it down, plucked its wings
tasted its raw and gamy savor
ripping it from the bones, insatiable
letting the blood seep down my chin
to blotch my lush garments
beyond recall, my ears deaf
to the clamor of its young.
Awakened, I saw cool beauty
blossom across my path
but when I reached to pluck it
it stung my eager hand
its icy nectar blinding me,
and so I let my wasted heart
evolve into stone, lest it break
and I die upon the rubble.

Now I am cast out
like filthy water at your feet
and with my purged eyes
I see your white disease
in the wreckage of your genius.
You, who once unveiled
your blazing wares before me
saying, “In return, I require
naught but your soul!”
I complied, to no avail.
It’s useless to you now
but you would not refund it
however much I begged…
Yet, perhaps there is a way.
I am dust now in your sight
but even dust may prove deadly
and a worm may turn. A mere blade
could slice the frail binding
and recover the treasure
you tore from me; my soul
could be mine once more.
It could happen.
Ah, yes……..


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