Our hope lies East and North – Eowyn in the Houses of Healing cannot take her eyes away from the direction of the Black Gate

by Aug 21, 2005Poetry

Where is he now?
What is happening far away there?
Will he not come back soon?
Do you think he will come back safe?
Any day now?
Or is it already too late…
The days are so dark
And they are only getting darker
He has been away for so long
You do believe he will come, don’t you?

You tell me to keep hoping
All is not lost
You say he is strong
Tall heir of Kings
The Enemy will fear him
And he will come back victorious
And all our hopes will be fulfilled
And a warm and fair spring will come again to the world
I can see the gleam of hope in your eyes
And always a comforting smile
But I know your smile is so full of pain, my friend
So much pain and pity
Still I know that you have hope
Do you really believe he will come?
Do you believe your City will have a King again?
I can’t find that hope
Not through all this darkness

We have both passed under the Shadow, you and I
I cannot turn my eyes from the North and East
I cannot keep my mind from his great peril
Where is he now?
Where is he?
Tell me he will be back soon

I am all alone now
I have no one
But so are you
What will come to pass?
Deeper darkness and a colder shadow?
It is dark, utterly dark
I wish I could have died there on that day
With honour on the battlefield
And not awake only to pain and grief

Yet somehow I have found a comfort in my loneliness
You are always here with me
You always listen
When I cry for him
And weep for my brother
You hold my hand
When my heart is filled with sorrow
You speak comforting words to me
And we sit under the green trees of the garden
In the cool blue mornings
We talk silently on the great white walls in the starry nights
Together looking North and East
It grieves me so to hear you tell of your brother
All the young perish in these evil times
Stay with me, stay with me please
Hold my hand and whisper your soft words
They comfort my heart so
I need you now, my friend
The stars are out
And all the world seems to be sleeping
It is so beautiful, and so peaceful
And evil seems so far away
Yet we know
It is so close
Terrible dreams have haunted my sleep
Dreams of pain
And of death
Take them away from me
Tell me the world will be fair again!

I no longer wish I had perished that day
I only want to be free, free and happy
And I want to stay here, with you
And look at the stars
Here in the green garden
If only he would come back victorious!
And the world would be fair again


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