Orome – Lord of Forests – Seventh of 15 poems of the Valar

by May 16, 2004Poetry

The Forest Lord,
Aldaron, Tauron,
You saw,
You fought with Sauron.

Brother of Nessa,
The eight Aratar,
upon your noble steed,
The white Nahar.

You discovered Eldar,
You, the loud trumpeter,
Bema, Araw,
One of greatest of the Valar.

the great horn,
The one with who you called,
The sun, as yellow as the corn.

Your horse brighter than the sun,
Yet Melkor, it cannot shun,
Morgoth beheld the great light,
yet he envied it in jealousy and fright.

Your sister Nessa,
Vana, your spouse,
The forest your home,
The trees, your house.

The wind passes by,
While the moon fades,
Yet Orome your still there,
Lying in the shades.


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