One Ring – A Variation on a Well-known Poem

by Nov 25, 2002Poetry

One Ring

Three rings for the Elven-kings,
Fair crafters of many rings,
Under the sky,
They remain while mortals die.

Seven rings for the Dwarf-lords,
Storing jewels and gold, wealth they hoard,
In their halls of stone,
They set up thrones,

Nine for Mortal Men,
Power and might their yen,
Doomed to die,
They trusted Sauron’s lie.

One Ring for the Dark Lord,
A follower of Melkor,
On his dark throne,
From Mordor he made his power known.

In the Land of Mordor,
He built his fortress, Barad-dûr,
Where shadows lie,
And tortured spirits, restless cry.

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them,

In the Land of Mordor, where shadows lie.


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