One Little Boy

by Nov 21, 2004Poetry

One little boy, eight years old
Don’t wander away, he had been told
Wander he didn’t, only but strayed
And suddenly realized he’d lost his way
Strangers around him, none to him known
Nor was which way would lead him to home
Looking around at unfamiliar faces
Wishing he knew more of these places
How little he listened to stories of war
For he prefered to listen to the Wizard’s lore
Now perhaps if he’d listened he might now have known
Where he had come from and which way he should go
Backed into a corner crouched down to the ground
Wondering if he would ever be found
Shaken, alone, a scared little boy
Wanting no more than to be home with his toys
‘Faramir’ he hears, someone calling his name
It is not his father, but he’s relieved just the same
More so infact, for it is his protector
Who keeps him from harm, his thirteen year old brother
Running to him, the tears start to flow
A hug from his brother is all he needs to know
Always he’ll be there to conquer the fears
Just as right now he wipes away the tears
So with his big brother he walks hand in hand
Unaware that one day, alone he will stand


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