“Once Again” – A Poem

by Nov 4, 2001Poetry

A ‘difficult book’ I had thought it from old
Since-I’d first tried to read what the story foretold
For I was much younger and hard to impress
And had left them mid-journey I’d have to confess.

The book seemed so large and the story so slow
And I, but a child, not seeing the flow
As the intertwined sections kept changing midstream
First one then another became the main theme.

But many years later the urge struck again
To once more go with, as they walked down that lane
To see why this epic holds so much renown
And whether or not I could put the book down.

To start with the plan was to just take it slow
And to read but a lone single page at a go
Before going to sleep as eve turned to night
I once again learnt about Middle-earths plight.

The weeks of my life were just days in the book
As the background was set and the path undertook
But a page turned to two and then three and then four
And each time I stopped I was left wanting more.

An interest arose, it’s hard to say why
Since it’s not like a book to make me laugh or cry
And yet did I find such emotions awoken
In deeds and in spirit of our heroes unspoken.

For the book seemed to cast such a magical spell
Even before they had reached Rivendell
And I counted the hours till I could read more
To discover what happened, what next was in store.

Forward and onward the characters sped
Their quest ever harder the more that I read
My fingers could barely keep up with the pace
As the pages turned faster whilst time seemed to race.

The weeks in the tale now mere days in my world
As the chapters rushed past and the story unfurled
Nothing else mattered for I had to find out
Just how it would end, what it all was about.

But alas all too soon the last page had appeared
And no more would I see, of my heros, I feared
And I found myself wishing I still had to start
Along down that path when the Hobbits depart.

But the film’s nigh upon us and eargerly awaited
And I find myself now truly poised with breath baited
For the start of the story played out on the screen
Leaves me in no doubt it will have to be seen.

Giving us one more chance to relive the events
And to savour again all the book represents
Where we can escape to that mythical time
And once again spy on the fellowship nine.


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