On the Fellowship – the story of the start of the Lord of the Rings

by Mar 7, 2006Poetry

The Council sat ’round the stone table
holding a meeting ’bout
who was able

To take the Ring back to the Doom
the frightening prospect of death there loomed
o’er the heads of

All who were present, there in the hall
saw the hobbit, three-foot-tall
stand midst the din

“I will take the Ring!” said Frodo
his little voice peeped shy and quite solo
until one more

Hobbit burst from ’round the bend
he said his service to his friend he’d send
because he cared

About the welfare of Middle Earth
that he wanted to save from Sauron’s mirth
through his great Eye

And then two more of Frodo’s kin
shouted that they wanted in
the Fellowship

Merry and Pippin, his fellow Halflings
ran with their ankles suddenly grown wings
to carry them in

Also present in these grand transpires
Aragorn, Ranger from swampy mires
he did come hence

Legolas Greenleaf, elf of tree
his arrowhead, many Orcs did see
driven in their skin

Gloin’s son, Gimli, of stone and axe
while stout and broad, he was not lax
engaged in battle

Gandalf also, wise spell caster
of spells and kindness, he was master
his heart of gold

Boromir also, future of Gondor
the Ring he would take, but then he would squander
its awesome power

They traveled through Moria, but then they
lost good Gandalf, sorrow came their way
he fell with the beast

Lady of Lorien, gave each one a gift
hoping their spirits the presents would lift
and they would be glad

But the Ring-bearer had more turmoil to face
the Dark Lord had Boromir fixed in its gaze
of the great Eye

The man wanted Its power, it called to him loud
his eyes were blanketed by Sauron’s shroud
of mis-givings

He tried to take it, if kill him he must
but long ago Frodo had learned not to trust
the weak one with him

So young Frodo fled to do his task alone
but Samwise the True wished to carry him home
and he followed him

So great was his love.


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