On the Banks of Anduin (Faramir’s Lament)

by Jan 30, 2004Poetry

On the banks of Anduin,
Through chilling mist and stone ruin,
I saw set on the river’s glass
A dark vessel about to pass
By the banks of Anduin.

I strode into the mirky stream,
I was not afraid, and yet it seemed
I stood against the boat alone,
River’s water chilling my bones,
Could this be but an awful dream?

“Up, out!” I cried, my muscles tense,
“From thy boat, night-devils, do come hence!”
I braced for battle to begin,
But as the boat passed I looked in
and saw who I drew sword against.

Choked, with heart in most bitter pain,
Stinging tears I could not contain
My poor voice could only cry,
“Cruel gods! O let me die!
For I have found my brother slain!”

On the banks of Anduin,
My heart fell into dark ruin
When I saw on the river’s glass
My brother’s vessel floating past
On the banks of Anduin.


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