On Silent Wings

by Oct 29, 2003Poetry

As darkness reaps the wilder-land
I gaze back t’wards my home
Memories sweet and vividly clear
And I forget I’m on my own.

Then I close my eyes and remember peace
Things of the past and what I knew
It’s all so different suddenly
Like the lies amidst the true.

And I ponder as I’m born away
Over calm seas of silver waters
How long I’ll wait to see your face
Should you return before you falter

Why could you not surrender the blade
Would you have battle over my heart?
What if death were to come for you
Would it be over before it could start?

But with whispered words I pray for us
My wishes driven on the breeze
Back to my home, Back to you
To the places evil has yet to sieze

I shall not return to Middle-earth
So I must rest my faith in what life brings
But know my love shall be your guide
It comes to you on silent wings


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