Oltho Ôl – “Dream a Dream” in Sindarin

by Feb 16, 2004Poetry

This was my first translation project–it took me several months because I’d make a half-hearted effort and quit for a while. Most of the problem was that I didn’t know squill about Sindarin grammar and I actually knew very few words. To finish it, I had to spend a lot of time with Fellowship of the Word-smiths and Ardalambion, and I actually learned a few things. This song can be found on Charlotte Church’s Christmas CD, Dream a Dream; I mostly translated it because I thought I knew some of the words.

When the night is still
And the sea is calm
Lonely shadow, you call upon me

Mar i dhu sedha
Ah i aear sedha
Dúath eriol, cenich bo nin

Lay by my side
Fear not tonight
Lonely shadow, you’ll find a new light

Hodo nef o nin
Ú-‘osta i dhu
Dúath eriol, hirithach calad ‘wain

Dream a dream
And see through angel’s eyes
A place where we can fly away

Oltho ôl
A ceno trî chên ainu
Sad mas dregitham chaer

Ride with me upon a shining star,
Above the moonlit sky
We will find Elysium

Noro na nin bo êl hílol,
Or i ‘wilith ithilcâl
Hiritham Menel

Hear the nightingale
Sing a lullaby
Lonely shadow, you’ll find a new light

Lasto i dinúviel
Linna dûlîr
Dúath eriol, hirithach calad ‘wain

Dawn will be kind,
All will be bright,
Lonely shadow, rise from the darkness

Amrûn notha milui
Pân notha celair
Dúath eriol, erio o i vôr

Dream a dream…

Oltho ôl…

Notes on translation:
i dinúviel lenited tinúviel, a poetic name for the nightingale; literally means “daughter of twilight.” I could have used dúlinn “night-singer” instead, but I liked this better.
dûlîr “night-song” for “lullaby” because I couldn’t think of anything else.


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