Oh, why thou mortal spirit why so sad?

by Nov 7, 2004Poetry

“Enter the realm of Silence
And stop there for a while
There thou must find the truth
Beyond the sense of Time.

Freedom is inside thee
Though hidden very deep
Thou must find the key to open that
Which keeps thee from what thou seek.

Look beyond stars and horizons
Search through every sky
Wander all the paths of forests
And lands and mountains high.

There above mist and glimmering star
Where magic spread its light
Thou will wander in gardens
untouched by sorrows night.

And realize there the meaning
The essence of all life
The silence and the beauty
Entwined by peaceful light.

Thou will live thy days in joy
With all the grace thou have
So why, thou mortal spirit
Why art thou so sad?


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