Oh Boromir,Boromir – A Poem of Boromir and his sad Fate

by May 22, 2002Poetry

Oh Boromir,Boromir

Sing me a song,
Write me a poem
Tell me what’s wrong
How far will you roam

Across the wide plains,
Over mountains tall
Your hearts full of pain
Will evil not fall

It is hard to resist,
The evil calling your name
Oh why must it reminist
It fills you with shame

You cannot hold back,
The evil has overtaken your mind
Good spirit is at a lack
It holds you in a dark bind

Break yourself free,
Evil cannot hold you for long
Come and help thee
Fight against wrong

Merry and Pippin need your aid,
You come to help thou
Against the evil that’s been made
What will become of them now

For they taken away,
By the evil orc raid
And there you lay
In a tree’s shade

Pierced by three an arrow,
You speak your last words
Your life is now narrow
And by Aragorn you are reassured

Gondor shall not fall,
You rest at peace knowing this
But that one blow is heard, the one horn’s call
And on your forehead,as is custom Aragorn places a kiss.


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