Of Ungoliant

by Jul 9, 2003Poetry

Fierce and dangerous you are created
From the hands of Melkor you were born
From where do you collect your victims?
From where does your strength come from?
Ungoliant! Your eyes pierce the soul!
You do not merely kill your prey
You strip off their lives
After, you torment their minds and souls
Releasing the absolute fear of you
And devouring every feel of it
Ungoliant! Thou shall not remain in this earth!
Your doom comes for you
Though no hunter may destroy you,
No hero may win your death,
Your inevitable fate stalks you
Awaiting for your final day of murder.
The death of you will cling to the minds
Of the murdered and spared.
The world may not change after your death
But the souls of the perished
Be released from bondage,
Of fear
Of tormnet.


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