Of the singing of the Aniur and the rebellion of Melkor. – The vast vision of the earth.

by May 18, 2003Poetry

The sound of harps and singing rose
Unto the void of which he knows
The great and vast eternal plan,
The world of elf, os sea, of man.

And the voice of harmonius chior,
The sorrows and joys were sung by Miar
And of Valar, whom were to be
And rule the land amidst the sea.

And the Flame Imperishable there was set
At the heart of new earth, let
To live by fashioned mountains steep,
Forests green and chasms deep.

And this thought was in his mind,
Knolage of the plan to find
In the visions of the land,
Crafted by thought, not by hand.

And then unto this earth went there
The powers sent to rule and care
For that land, make the visions BE,
That were from the song so plain to see.

And as the crafted mountain peaks
Were sculptured, he who speaks
The song that aimed to enpower him
Who sang a song of loathing sin.

And he, he pulled the mountains down,
He spilled the seas, as if to drown
The work the other Valar made,
For he wished a realm of beauty slayed.

And tore he then the work they did,
But to the North his malice hid
An evil, lurking, Dark Lord this,
But the plan was not amiss.

And through this age each design he destroyed,
Yet the Earth was still made, the vision still toyed
With the knolage and plan of each the Aniur,
And love is still she, by thoes upon her.*

And still, though that malice disrpted the song,
The chior still sang, and so all along
And through all the ages of Arda, the Earth,
The truth was not quenched: from thought came it’s birth.

*she/ her refering to the earth


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