Of the folly that is war – A Poem

by Mar 11, 2003Poetry

If upon our mortal day
Saw every motion held in sway
By sword and axe and spear fire
Where would be our heart’s desire?

Our friend, our foe, our neighbour’s land
Must, in time be swift with hand
And then what shall our efforts reap,
As among the ashes children weep?

Orcs came with iron orcish fist and fire
And then came the folly of mortal mans pyre
As the sword did drive away
All the good gained of yonder day.

And too, the elves with sword did pursue
The darkened valor to lands anew
To create new war, and honour set
With wrath of thunder their end was met.

But the folly of war, as I can see
Is not that such weapons are left to be,
But that no trust between nations when left to see,
I would like my spear aside of me.


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