Of Aragorn – A Poem

by Mar 25, 2003Poetry

What deepness in that midnight deep
Lay on dell where thee did sleep?
What the sword that lay thee there
King of old, begot and fair.

When the stars did shine above
Did they remind thee of thy love?
And in thy heart did thee forget
The fate of thee in legend set?

And in what dream did thee pray
For life of mortal man to sway
That mind of elf, thy heart was there
Wed to immortal miaiden fair.

But in this life that thee live here
What King of Númenor should be so drear
That the beggar shuns his sight
And dwelleth he in the arms of night?

But this man, this Ranger, King
Shall survive, and his hand shall bring
All that echoed long ago
For Lord Aragorn it is so.


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