Of All I know…

by Dec 2, 2004Poetry

You cannot hear what is visual
Nor can you see what is heard
For you cannot see the cry of an eagle
Or hear the soar of a bird

Of all this I know, though I used to not care
For things high and low, for things fair and share
I used to take for granted the sky which is blue
I used to take for granted things right and true

But I’ve been on a journey, or well, I’ve been on a few
And those journeys have taught me things in which I had no clue
Now I rush outside whenever I see a bird
For life is given only once and nothing should go unheard

And I spend time in the meadows and spend time with those dear
And I shall tell this one thing for all who want to hear:
Now this may be the only thing, the only thing I know,
But life is too precious to let time
Just go.


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